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Homeward Real Estate

Homeward Real Estate

About Ken Carter

Ken is one of the most dedicated and committed real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area. His in-depth training includes special real estate courses such as Real Estate Practice, Economics, Financing, Property Management, Legal Aspects, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Investments, Exchanges, Taxation, and Creative Financing. In addition to his expertise in Residential Real Estate, Ken also has experience in Commercial Real Estate and income-producing properties.

Ken holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Music and Music Education from the University of Maryland. He obtained his masters Degree from Radford University before embarking on his real estate career.

With a major in architecture, Ken has worked as an architectural draftsman and home designer, and his experience includes working in the home construction industry. Ken began his real estate career in Blacksburg, VA in 1978, where he was one of the top producing agents in the area. He obtained his Florida real estate license in 2005.